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Best Time to Visit London

Summer is probably the busiest season for London when most of the tourists flood the city. A lot depends on the weather but if it turns out nice, summer is probably the best time to visit London.

July is usually sunny and the city is getting ready for the City of London Festival of Music and Theatre, Covent Garden Festival, Wimbledon tennis championships and Hyde Park summer concerts. Eric Clapton is coming in June to perform with Sheryl Crow and John Mayer at Hyde Park in London. August is probably the most active month of the summer - Notting Hill Carnival, which attracts millions of people from all around the world takes place as well as the Hyde Park Proms - both of these events make hotel prices soar. Central London hotels are perfect as you can either walk to venues like The Proms at Hyde Park or travel shortly.

Autumn is a good time to visit London as well. It is still warm and dry. London theatres present a range of new shows and there are many events taking place. September is probably the best option, because October and November are often glum, dark and generally unpleasant for London sightseeing. However, it is good to visit London for a few days to attend an event.

Winter season is not bad in London. There is no snow and it's not that cold as in many other countries. The mood is cheerful as Christmas is approaching and the city looks nice if it doesn't rain. It is good to travel after December as most London hotels drop prices, but the atmosphere changes drastically - people have post-Christmas blues.

It is good to stay at central London hotels at any time of the year to avoid travelling long distances and wasting time in tubes or undergrounds. Any season in London might be subject to change - English weather doesn't conform to the forecast so it is worth considering few options to visit London, once you choose your travel dates - one if it rains, the other - if it doesn't.

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Don't be in search of best time to visit London as for most part of the year London is an ideal city to visit!